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  • Christopher and the Pyne & Partners team have been a great value add for my business - opening multiple doors into government, particularly in Queensland; supporting a comprehensive program of engagement at the Avalon Airshow; and facilitating our engagement in the US. We're delighted to have Pyne & Partners in our corner, and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

    Al Jawhari, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer Stärke-AMG

  • Working with Christopher and the Pyne and Partners team including Tony and Will, has been of tremendous benefit to LUYTEN 3D. In a matter of months, we have been able to introduce our unique technology to three Government ministers and a range of key housing and development agencies across Australia. This has opened the door to valuable opportunities in Defence, construction and other target sectors. The team are responsive, energetic and a pleasure to work with.

    Dr Ahmed Mahil, CEO and Founder of LUYTEN 3D

  • We have had the pleasure of working with Christopher and Kacey at Pyne & Partners for several years, and their services in the areas of government relations and strategic advice have been instrumental in helping us really understand and meaningfully engage with governments – both Federal and State. Over the years, we have welcomed Parliamentarians of all leanings through Saber’s doors, and we appreciate the opportunity to brief Ministers and their advisers on matters that are important to Saber.

    We would highly recommend Pyne & Partners to anyone looking to engage meaningfully with government. Their expertise and commitment to excellence are well-appreciated at Saber, and we feel fortunate to have them as a trusted partner.

    Dr Jason Held, Founder of Saber Astronautics

  • The Omnesse team are delighted to have had the opportunity to work closely with Christopher and Kacey, and benefit from their services in the areas of government relations, corporate strategy, and corporate engagement. Kacey is forward leaning and proactive, and we are grateful for her insights and expertise.

    I would absolutely recommend Pyne & Partners to other early-stage technology businesses like ours. Their professionalism, expertise, commitment to excellence, and strong industry networks are second to none. They have proven to be an invaluable addition to our team.

    Martin Moszczynski, Founder of Omnesse

  • Cobham Aviation Services Australia have developed a great partnership with Pyne & Partners who have become an extension of our leadership team. The team is easy to access for considered and thoughtful advice and is very responsive when issues arise in our associations with government and industry. Christopher and the team are an absolute pleasure to work with.

    John Boag, Chief Executive Officer of Cobham Aviation Services

  • As an established 60 year old business, Pelligra recognises the benefits of external consultancies. Pyne & Partners has been an invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of Pellagra’s local projects . I believe Pyne & Partners’ strength has been their ability to make complex projects simple and provide solutions interfacing with Government that meet Pellagra’s needs and supports our company’s long-term goals. The extent of business contacts and connections has been invaluable to our business. I think that as business owners and operators we all have to consider who we “partner “with in business. Pelligra can truly say that our partnership with Pyne and Partners has been a wise choice.

    Steve Wren, General Manager of Pelligra

  • Zerella Fresh engaged Christopher Pyne at Pyne & Partners to assist our company in understanding and supporting the process in getting approved as a direct employer for a number of different employment schemes available through government. Additionally gather direct relation with people involved in specific sectors of the government. When first discussing the idea with fellow business people it was indicated that it was going to be a long and difficult process. Chris, Will and the team have been proactive and incredibly valuable through this process giving regular updates and communicating when needed. Our business would not be in the strategic position it is in today if we did not engage the team at Pyne & Partners. We would highly recommended engaging Pyne & Partners if seeking government approvals or desiring proactive government relations.

    Renee Pye, Business Manager of Zerella Fresh

  • Cocoon Data have engaged Christopher Pyne and Kacey Lam at Pyne & Partners for a number of years to provide corporate strategic advice and government relations support. Over this period, our business has grown substantially and expand internationally. Christopher’s insights, access and coaching has transformed the way we approach and consider business opportunities. Thank you Christopher and Kacey for your advice and support.

    Trent Telford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cocoon Data

  • Southern Launch engaged Christopher Pyne and Kacey Lam at Pyne & Partners to assist our company in understanding the processes and thinking of government, as well as to facilitate building our relations with government. Over the course of the engagement, I have regular catchups with Kacey, and find her and the wider Pyne & Partners team to be forward leaning and energetic.

    Pyne & Partners’ deep insights into the workings of government means our company is better equipped to make decisions and shape our long-term strategy. At Southern Launch, we work in a highly complex regulated industry, and because of our engagement with Pyne & Partners we are better placed to engage with government to deliver our desired outcomes.

    I recommend Pyne & Partners to businesses wanting a proactive government relations and communications firm.

    Lloyd Damp Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southern Launch